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August 25, 2016
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September 2, 2016
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promote the Cal brand. "All of our visual identity elements are important brand assets, and we believe this floor maximizes each of them," said Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour in a statement to Cal Athletics. Despite the new logo being the clear centerpiece,
cheap jerseys china the design has not abandoned the traditional Cal script. The script appears inside the three point
authentic cheap jerseys line on both sides of the court a location that was previously barren. Cal Athletics made the change with the idea that the script will now have more television time, as the camera usually focuses on one end of the court during broadcasts. "The design enables us to increase exposure of our new visual identity while still maximizing exposure for the traditional Cal script," Barbour said. While the first
cheap jerseys change that fans will notice is the bear in the center, other small changes were also made to the court. The baseline, which used to read "California" on one end and "Golden Bears" on the other, now reads "California

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